What Do You Buy A Mom Who Just Gave Birth In Singapore?

What Do You Buy A Mom Who Just Gave Birth In Singapore?

Nothing can beat the happiness of having a newborn baby after nine months of waiting. Once the newborn delivered into the world, you must be delighted for their existence. Those tiny hands and cute eyes make you melt. To every mother who just gave birth, Thank you! While the newborn baby still tiny, if your friend or relative gives birth to a child, you can show your love for their struggle with a thoughtful gift. The options are various in the market. We usually call it a newborn baby gift box. What is a newborn baby gift box, and what to include inside it? Learn more about this gift idea to appreciate every mother and pamper their child.

What To Put Inside Baby Gifts?

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A gift is the best way to show your love towards someone. You never go wrong with gifts for many occasions. The difference is what kind of gift you send to the recipient. If the purpose is to appreciate a mom who has just given birth in Singapore and other countries, a newborn baby gift is the best suit for this occasion.

Choosing baby gifts Singapore could be challenging, especially if you are not a parent. We bet you have no idea what to get as a gift for a newborn baby and their mom. Is it what you experience at the moment? Relax! There are a lot of gift ideas for babies you can find on the internet. Below, we have summarized what to put inside a baby gift box, a thoughtful way to delight moms and their children.


New moms in Singapore will surely be thrilled to receive a baby gift box. If you wonder what to include inside it, the items must be baby related. For example, you can add a diaper. A diaper is an item that most people send to a new parent. Since a diaper would be pretty functional for daily needs, ensure to include a diaper from a trusted brand.

Clothes for Baby

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Hunting for baby clothes could be so exciting. There are lots of baby clothes you can find on the market. They usually appear in the cute design. Sometimes they make you ended up massive buying because you couldn’t hold the cuteness. Baby clothes belong as an item to be included in your gift for a mom who just gave birth. If you find it difficult to get the right one, you don’t need to worry about it as florists in Singapore have already included it as a bundle.

Mealtime Set

An eye-pleasing item is the best choice whenever you want to add baby essentials to your gift box. Not only baby clothes, but mealtime sets for babies also come in cute designs. This brings you easiness to getting the cutest one because the options are a variety. A mealtime set usually consists of a bowl, plate, cup, fork, and spoon. Before choosing one, ensure the mealtime set has food grade certification.


It’s impossible to maintain our baby 24/7. For this, a play mat happens as the best solution to entertain your baby whenever you’re busy. A play mat offers a variety of designs, texture, and sound that a baby would enjoy. They usually come in a handy size, makes you won’t face difficulty in sending one. Moms would be thrilled with this gift idea.


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When it comes to sending a gift box for a baby, you can’t go wrong with toys. This item is pretty common to be given to a mother who just gave birth. Since not every toy in the market is suitable for a newborn, before sending one, make sure to choose toys that are safe for children. The consideration can be from its shape, size, and material.


The lotion is often used to protect baby skin. Since baby skin is pretty fragile, moms must be aware of their newborn skin condition and a lotion happens for this. Use natural ingredients to moisture the baby’s skin, you can add this baby care product inside your gift box.

Wet Wipes

Not only a diaper, but you can also include wet wipes since it’s great to help mom clean their newborns. Wet wipes would be pretty functional during traveling. Before getting one, takes note that not every wet wipe is baby-friendly. Ensure to only use wet wipes for the baby.

Baby Socks

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Baby socks have been one of the essential items every parent must have. They are great to keep the newborn stays warm, especially during the night. The good thing about sending baby socks is you can play with color and pattern, depending on the baby’s gender.


Giving birth is indeed struggling. You can appreciate your friend and relative who just gave birth by sending fresh fruits. No one can deny the good benefits of consuming fruits. It’s great for a faster recovery after giving birth.

Balloon & Flower

Singapore florist is the best destination whenever you need your baby gift box perfectly arranged. To make your gift become more extravagant, you can decorate it with balloons and flowers. These items are great to impress the recipient. They must be thrilled with it.