5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Washington

5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Washington

Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, and it has various unique things to offer. Still, the major negative thing about Washington is that it can be costly. So, where would you be able to live or buy a place in Washington that gives you access to trails, seashores, mountains, and more, without removing a significant cut from your check?

So, here is the list of five cheapest places to buy property at an affordable price in Washington. Let’s check it!


Connell is one of the least expensive places to purchase property in Washington. It is around forty miles north of Kennewick. People of Connell pay the second-most minimal proportion of their pay for homes in Washington, so it is easy to pay off your home loan instantly here.

In Connell, the median income comes in at 51,618 dollars, and the median house value is around about 117,200 dollars for 2020.


Washington might be one of the costly states in America. However, you wouldn’t know that Ephrata is one of the cheapest places in the state. It is an incredible spot to purchase property, costing less of your income than most urban areas in Washington. In Ephrata, the median income is 56,429 dollars, and the median house cost is 154,500 dollars.


Toppenish is located twenty miles southeast of Yakima in Washington. At a median price of 118,900 dollars, it has some of the least expensive homes or properties in the state. Residents of Toppenish earn a median pay of 43,850 dollars. So, you’ll have the home loan paid off before you even complete the process of unloading. In Toppenish, you can also see spectacular art without spending money because it has more than 75 wall paintings to see.


Quincy is situated in the central part of Washington. “Countless Opportunities” is its motto, and it is right in financial terms. In Quincy, the median pay is 56,950 dollars, and the median house value is 144,750 dollars. Residents of Quincy pay the third lowest proportion of their income for properties or houses in Washington. So, you have low bills, and your investment funds will grow faster than you can realize how to manage them.

West Richland

It is centered around the cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. West Richland is the fifth least expensive place to buy property in Washington. In West Richland, the median house cost is around about 244,750 dollars. It is about 30 to 40 percent pricier because its residents earn a median pay of 92,962 dollars. So, it means people pay a smaller proportion of their income for housing.

Finding a cheap property in Washington is not a simple task. While prices of places continue to increase, services and goods continue to rise, and it will feel like buying a cheap property could be a regular thing of the past. Fortunately, there are still some properties in Washington that qualify as the most reasonable. So, consider the list of places mentioned above because we have found the lowest cost of living in Washington.