Luxury Men's Watch

Your Guide To Buying A Luxury Men’s Watch For Holiday Gifting

Want to gift a loved one a luxury watch this Christmas? Unsure what to buy?

Here are our six tips that you can follow to purchase the perfect watch for your special man.

Narrow Down On The Brand You Want To Explore

There are hundreds of reputed watch brands available today, from legacy brands to new-to-the-market entrants. Consider these factors when selecting the brand:

  • The brand’s reputation and expertise in horology.
  • The product range and variants available.
  • Availability of warranty for parts.
  • Ease of availability (especially during the holiday season).
  • Price range the brand caters to.

Once you find a watch brand that matches these requirements, you can start exploring their collection.

Determine Whether You Want An In-House Crafted Piece Or Not

Some watch ranges are made by expert horologists in-house, while others are sent to a qualified third-party for assembly. While the quality of both types of men’s watches will be good, the cost will vary. In-house watches are hand-assembled by experts and can take a lot of time and effort to complete. This is why they’ll cost more too. When it comes to the saleability of the brand, in-house crafted watches have a much higher market value.

Choose The Right Watch Material

Luxury watches are made using premium materials like gold or rose gold and studded with gemstones like diamonds. They make excellent gifts for the special man in your life.

If you’re looking for men wrist watches in other materials, you’ll find models in titanium and stainless steel. Both of these are light weight and are perfect for daily use. Titanium is hypoallergenic too.

If Some watch models come in more contemporary materials such as carbon fibre and ceramic.

Pick The Calibre Type

Calibre refers to the elements of a watch that power its movement. There are two calibres to choose from – the battery-operated quartz calibre and the mechanical calibre.

When it comes to craftsmanship, quality and value, mechanical watches rank on top. Legacy watch models and luxury watches are all mechanical since they are hand-crafted with care and display superior engineering finesse.

But when it comes to maintenance, mechanical watches do require more care and if you require practicality, choose quartz calibre.

Decide What Complications Can Uncomplicate His Life

“Complications” might sound scary, but they refer to the features that a watch boasts of. All watches have the regular complications of time telling. But some models come with GPS navigators, tourbillon, chronographs, perpetual calendars, world timers and more.

You can either choose a watch that is chockful of features or you can stick to the classic and timeless models that only tell time.

Select The Piece Based On His Persona

Finally, when choosing from a range of men’s watches for your main man, identify which models match his persona/personality. Is your special man an adventurer? Or is he a businessman for whom a watch is a symbol of sophisticated power? Or is your loved one a watch connoisseur and purist who revels in the simple times?

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