How To Personalize Your Prom Dress With Your Style

Coco Chanel introduced an essential style that maintains today for many girls, the black dress. This idea has come a long way from 1920 to today’s generation. This garment is so versatile that it can take you from the office to a prom party with just changing some accessories and some other complementary clothing. Many girls have a particular black dress that they know will always make them look fantastic. It may be difficult to stand out among other black dresses, but Jovani collection 2019 has the best suggestions in your black prom dress collection for you to stand out at the prom party.

Start with picking the right prom black dress

Not all black dresses are the same; some have more style and convenience than others. When choosing a black prom dress, keep the following in mind:

Wear a tight black dress with a cut neckline. Avoid everything that clings to the body and lean over the dresses that rub the outline of your body. The length should fall just below the knee. This is convenient for the office. Softer fabrics look great in black and the wool crepe is a light summer fabric if you wear a black dress.

This dress can be provocative and yet remain in good shape. Look for a black dress with ribbed straps, fitted to the body but in a piece of fabric that hides everything, and with a heart-shaped bodice. The length must end at the knee.

Fashion for teens: For young women who want to wear a black dress with a touch, try making it more eye-catching by combining it with kitsch jewelry that is connected with bright nail polish (like gum pink or turquoise) and maybe even with shiny stockings!

Customize the dress

Add a pantyhose. The pantyhose conceals the skin tone of your legs and provides the final touch to the appearance. For the night, pure black or gray pantyhose are an excellent choice. The colored socks can also work with a black dress as long as the color combines with other accessories and is appropriate for your age and skin tone.

For winter clothes, remember that the legs tend to look longer when the color of the shoes and socks combines.

Choose the right shoes

Dressing the black dress in shoes is an essential part of the look because the shoes can provide a contrasting color or style to the dress. The shoes used with the black dress must be from very good to excellent quality, as they are a characteristic part and the eyes of people will be diverted towards them with your black dress in the background.

Try unadorned and straightforward black floor shoes for a casual look suitable for the office or an informal event. Chanel’s open-style sneakers are also good additions to use on the day.

The classic evening shoes that go well with a black dress include ballerinas, single strap sandals or heels.

Use a bright color, such as red high heels, to add a little excitement.

Use jewelry to illuminate the black dress

The black prom dress provides a unique backdrop to display your favorite jewelry. Additions that work well include a necklace that suits the style of the neckline of the dress, jewelry set in a cute place, or a pickup with bold earrings. The list is endless, according to the combinations; you can also apply Yahoo Lifestyle’s premise and 9 style tips from curvy influencers!

A “little” glitter with fancy jewelry can last a lot and is perfect for evening wear. If you have a diamond necklace, brooches, and other pieces of jewelry, use the black background of your dress to let the diamonds shine brighter.

Use pearls If it’s a style change dress, pearls with white satin gloves and round toe heels will make an adorable look, in the romantic style of Audrey Hepburn. Do not use spiky heels, however, as they are an excellent pick for such a smooth and retro appearance.

Add a belt to the black dress

As long as the style of the dress can handle the addition of a belt, it can provide a very empathic and contrasting feature to your black dress.

Select a belt by color, texture, glamor, or pattern. The only concern is to make sure it fits well with the dress as a whole – check the full appearance in the mirror.