Tips on Styling Your Synthetic Wig

Tips on Styling Your Synthetic Wig

People always assume that caring for a wig is the same as caring for natural hair but this is wrong. There are some things you can do to your hair but not your wig. For instance, you can use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair but not your wig. In addition, there are do’s and don’t when it comes to styling your wig. This article is there to guide you through it. Read on to find out more!

What Not To Use When Styling Your Synthetic Wig

Do Not Use Tight-Toothed Combs

Most synthetic wigs come pre-styled and only need mild brushing and maintenance. You should use a wide-tooth comb not a tight one to retain the waves, curls, and styles. Stainless steel is recommended to avoid hair strand tugging in it.

Do Not Use Natural Hair Products

For synthetic wig newbies, you should take note that your conventional hair product(shampoo, conditioner, and spray) may not be suitable for your wig. They contain materials suitable for natural hair but not synthetic fibers. There are sprays, serums, shampoos, and conditioners in the market today, specially formulated for wigs.

Do Not Use Hot Water

As already mentioned, heat and fiber hair do not go along together, including got water unless stated otherwise in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. You should give your wig cold washing preferably in an ice bath to keep its texture and luster

Tips On Styling A Synthetic Wig

  • Allow the wig to dry before styling it. The weight of the water may pull down on the fibers and ruin the styling pattern.
  • Use a styrofoam head for styling your wig or a chin strap. You need both hands for styling it and you need to access every part of the wig when styling.
  • Brush with a stainless brush to prevent shedding the fiber or stretching it.
  • Have a maintenance schedule. Just like your natural hair, synthetic hair also requires regular and proper treatment to lengthen its shelf life. Create a schedule for your either bi-weekly or monthly depending on how often you wear it.
  • When styling right curls or soft ones, use short upward strokes. For straight wigs, use long smooth strokes. For ringlet, you either use your fingers to brush it or a pic comb.

Synthetic Wig Recommendations

Sweet KissesPink Synthetic Hard Front Wig

Sweet Kisses, a new pink synthetic wig with undeniable style, make you be the main character in your life. Sweet Kisses features statement bangs to frame your face and give a flawlessly natural look, as there is no wig hairline to conceal. With a skin part cap construction, this piece provides a natural parting line that resembles your own skin. Sweet Kisses’s subtle wavy hair texture is in a gorgeous shade of ashy pink, which makes this wig perfect for unique aesthetic looks such as dark academia, fairy vibes, cosplay, casual outings, and lots more! With high-quality heat-friendly fiber, it can be styled with heat tools, which means you can get a new look every time you go out.


JuviaBlue Ombre Wavy Synthetic Wig

Juvia is a new blue ombré style featuring gorgeous blue coloring and bangs. Light metallic hued blue fades into darker blue towards the ends of the hair for the ultimate blue ombré color. What’s more, Juvia embodies a wavy hair texture that starts just past the ears for truly bouncy and playful hair. Juvia’s cap construction features a non-lace front cap with a skin top for a natural appearance at the parting on top of the head. Possessing bold bangs, Juvia has an iconic look, as well as a natural appearance without any wig hairline to conceal.

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